Bio Queens Have Got ‘Lotta Problems’

Drag is for everyone!

At least that is what Lotta Problems, a San Luis Obispo Bio Queen, thought when she joined the drag scene two years ago.

Bio Queens are Drag Queens who are born and identify as female.

“I was incredibly nervous to make my debut here because I didn’t know how well Bio Queens were going to be received in this area,” says Lotta, “A lot of people think that I have an unfair advantage because I am a woman.”

“I didn’t know that drag queens could be women,” says Bella Gianetti “but to see lotta perform in the SLO Queerdos Halloween show was absolutely spectacular. She deserved to be up there as much as any other girl.”

Lotta draws her influences from famous drag queens like Acid Betty, Trixie Mattel and her own drag mom Rose Alde.

“Lotta is your barbie doll fantasy but on drugs,” says Rose Alde, Lotta’s drag mom.

Lotta Problems by @Angelinaucianaart

Lotta Recalls her first time in drag as being “Glamorous fun and campy,” but always felt that she had to do more to prove herself.

“A lot of people don’t think that I should be doing drag,” says Lotta “they always come up to me and say ‘you are a woman, you aren’t allowed to do drag’.”

Lotta explains that she uses opportunities like these and turns them into teaching moments to show that “drag is so much more than what they think it is.”

“Yes, I am campy and crazy and fun but this is my passion and I want people to know that even though they try to devalue my artwork, I am serious about drag,”

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