Why Cal Poly Drag Hasn’t Gained Attention Yet

Cal Poly has had a drag club for a little over five years now, and it hasn’t gained the attention of the students on campus. When asked about the drag club, most students are either surprised that the campus has one or don’t know what drag is at all.

Common misconceptions are the main cause for these views. “I know what drag is,” said Jorja Murphy, a first year journalism major, “but I had no idea that women could do it too.”

Many people believe that drag is an experience reserved specifically for the queer community. They believe that ally-ship doesn’t give them a place in the shows, but drag queens actually prefer to see heterosexual and cis-gendered audiences stepping out of their comfort zone.

“The cheering just gets you going,” says Riley Chap, a fourth year graphic arts major(Anya Cox) “It’s so cathartic.”

The bottom line is: Drag is for everyone. It is a form of art that takes no shape and has no limits. Supermodel of the world, drag queen and pop culture influencer, RuPaul Charles once said “We are all born naked, and the rest is drag.”

Regina Flores, 5th year Botany major.

Cal Poly’s drag club puts on events every quarter and it is the misconception that drag is only for the queer community that drives students away.

The drag shows include: comedy, fashion, acting, singing, dancing, music, glamour and so much more that offer an opportunity to anyone with a desire to be entertained to experience and enjoy drag.

“Girl, I’m just living for my fantasy,” said Chap, “This is my last show and I’m ready to pee all over that stage.”

So no matter what your sexual orientation and gender expression is, drag is for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

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